Zenit 4, Grčka 62, Stari Banovci



It was once the storage of grain, žito, жито, Getreide, triticum, σιτάρι…

before it would become flour, brašno, брашно, liszt, múka, moka, aro, varo, Mehl, simila, αλεύρι…

and then bread, hleb, хлеб, hljeb, kruh, kruv, leb, lebac, kenyér, chlieb, mangro, Brot, panem, ψωμί…

And people were grateful.


At present, the exhibition DADA2 – with art installations from good friends from Vienna – to be seen from sep 3rd – dec 1st – makes the scene for our 1st Building Material Congress – Srbija.









Some expressions from Muzej Macura


The residence shown from the other side of the Danube.


The spectacular view to the Danube from the grounds of Muzej Macura.


Warehouse “Macura” is a few kilometres upstream from the Museum “Macura” by Danube, from New to Old Banovci. Or by road: 25 kilometres from Belgrade. Address is Zenith 4www.muzejmacura.com