Serbia is in a formation phase. Political and economical harmonization with EU encourage to meet with European player, strategies, tasks and technology.  Buildings and structure will have to adjust to a plan of sustainability, energysaving and a conservation of natural ressources. Information and knowledge transfer (import) on ecological, „healthy“ and sustainable building construction may influence present and future architecture.

The Building Material Congress will become an annual venue and concentrates on the know-how transfer on innovative building materials and constructions. The focus on defined material groups allows profound insight in present and future development and represent the front-end of European research and development. The congress offers the occasion to meet and approach.


Introducing a selection of cutting edge innovation, R&D projects and new technologies give impulses for ideas and applications. New technology leads to new development. Access to a new network of innovators motivates exchange and cooperation.

Architecture is international and interdiciplinary creative industry, capeable to pick up any information and technology to think and generate something new.

Congress and exhibition will be a think-tank and meetingpoint for inspired architects, designers, engineers and all people concerened with the building industry. New thoughts and projects will result.


The organizers of the congress are open for cooperations to enhance sustainable and valuable architecture, inspired projects and international relations.

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